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Meet Janel

Founder of Dementia Haven. Dementia Advocate. Mom. Friend. Daughter. 

Hi there! I am a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist with an emphasis as a Dementia Care Practitioner.  I have worked in memory care communities for the last 10 years, learning more about this disease and all it entails.  I am not a dementia expert, since each person living with dementia is completely different.  Every time I meet someone new that is living with dementia, I am starting from scratch with my knowledge of the person and their specific dementia journey.  However, I have thousands of people I have interacted with that are living with or supporting someone living with dementia.

My main goal is to increase my knowledge of dementia and its various types.  To educate others on possible approaches, communication techniques, warning signs, and more.

My goal is to become a resource for those who receive the diagnosis of dementia, and then are left to figure out what it all means, what to do next and how to deal with the barriers that come along with dementia.


I want to guide those who ask, “Dementia? Now What?”

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