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Available Services

Transition Guidance

Is care for your loved one changing?

  • Going from IL/AL to memory care, going into LTC/SNF, going from a community into a family home, transitioning into hospice/palliative care How I can help:

  • Care assessment and written plan/suggestion

  • Support while touring community/asking the right questions/finding the right fit for your loved one

  • Based on budget and needs (physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual)

  • Care preference assessment and documentation

  • $60/ hour in person, $50/ hour Zoom

  • For an added fee, I could come with while your loved one is transitioning into a community: A lot that happens when moving in and you may need support staff to help make that transition easier

Dementia Education Q & A

What questions can I answer for you about dementia?

How I can help:

  • Various topics available to meet your needs including:

    • Disease progression

    • Types of dementia

    • Stages of dementia

    • Tips for each stage

    • End of life care

    • When is it time to move?

    • Diagnosed? Now What?

  • $85/ hour in person, $75/ hour Zoom

Consultation for Care

Are there certain challenges you are facing with your loved one?

How I can help:

  • Walk through of specific difficulties and options to solve care challenges

  • Written summary of dialogue and options

  • Up to 4 active participants involved in consultation

  • $75/ hour in person, $65/ hour Zoom

Care Planning

Is there a routine you would like to try and establish for the person living with dementia?

Would you like to better understand the stage of dementia your loved one may be living in?

How I can help:

  • Assessment of cognition, needs and preferences

  • Assessment results to bring to physician/neurologist/gerontologist

  • Suggested written care plan

  • Consideration of the needs of care partners, family members in correspondence to the person living with dementia

  • Recommend in-person, but virtual also available via Zoom

  • $100 initial 90 minute discussion, assessment and written plan, $50/ hour for care plan update discussion

Individualized Therapeutic Visits

To engage your loved one on a one-to-one basis

How I can help:

  • Planning and engaging in one-to-one recreational activities tailored to their interests, previous occupation, abilities, physical and cognitive capabilities

  • Available in private home or senior living community/memory care

  • 1-2 hour visits available at $100/ hour

  • Travel fees for visits outside of Iowa City Corridor at 50 cents per mile

For Communities



Staff Training

How I can help:

  • Educate staff on basics of dementia in a conversational training atmosphere

  • Utilize a virtual dementia tour to increase knowledge and compassion on what is it like to live with dementia


Support Care Partners

How I can help:

  • Guide staff on how to successfully transition someone into memory care

  • Build new family orientation process


Recreation/Activities Program Assessment and Planning

How I can help:

  • Evaluate current calendar and adapt it to meet the needs of your residents

  • Share tips and ideas for both planned and spontaneous activities



Environment Assessment and Planning

Are you designing a new memory care environment? Or redecorating an existing environment?

How I can help:

  • Help design a dementia-friendly environment

  • Observe and assess the current environment and offer suggestions to improve overall environment


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Are you considering animal therapy in your community?

How I can help:

  • Educate on process of utilizing pet therapy-benefits and items to consider

  • Answer questions and concerns for this therapy

  • Training guidance for this population

  • Help start a proposal for pet therapy to be introduced


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